Goodbye Fear About

French Goodbye is a platform to explore art and fashion. ∞The current project Goodbye, Fear embodies both art & fashion in relation to Fear.Fear can be a major obstacle when it comes to our growth and development. It manifests in many forms including self-doubt, anxiety, and isolation. Even when we overcome our fear to accomplish a goal, we can experience a fear of success.

Goodbye, Fear is a series of snapshots capturing fear in its many forms- and the physical and emotional responses that accompany. The purpose of this project was a creative investigation into some of our most intimate fears in order to confront them, and move forward. The abstract setting of each scene reminds us that fear and emotion can overcome us anywhere, at any time. Sound, lighting, and wardrobe all play a role in evoking an eerie suspense, as we’re compelled to contemplate our own fears. While ambiguous, these visuals are strikingly familiar to anyone who’s been in the grips of fear.Fashion

Additionally, these visuals provided an opportunity to present an alternate perspective of fashion- in moments of fear and vulnerability- as opposed to success and confidence as typically portrayed. 

At times, we are vulnerable, afraid, unconfident, and uncertain- and fashion is still present in those moments too. While it is important to connect to the best version of yourself, true beauty is in authenticity. Our brand and garment choices should express who we are as a whole, and free us from the work of pretending. Self-expression is a gift, and fashion is a medium in which we can share ourselves- the beauty and the complexities.WardrobeFashion plays an important roll in setting the scene and emotional ambience for any film. Each garment featured was designed to be a part of the scene, and inspired by the themes of this project.
Design InspirationDoubt is always on time“: A bone-hued bodysuit and sheer hoop skirt remind us that fear can leave us feeling jagged and exposed, translucent and raw.
Fight or Flight?“:  Knot details at the collar bone, bust, and waist represent the sensation of knots in our throat, chest and stomach, often caused by anxiety.
Lonely is a state of mind“: Isolation can make you feel odd and detached, mimicked on a pair of pants, with pantlegs seemingly separated and floating around the model’s limbs.
Fear of new heights“: Even in success, there is great vulnerability- communicated by layers of translucent fabrics. There is also courage and strength in vulnerability, conveyed by a hand-painted spine along the center back of the garment.  Video CredentialsClothing & Direction: Elissa French 
Camera & Editing: Bradinn French 
Model: Maria Martin 

The garments featured in this project are part of a larger collection, to be available in early 2019. View the featured wardrobe here.
Elissa French has been quietly creating clothing and art for the last 2 years in LA, in hopes to re-enter the fashion world with more purpose and connection. If you’d like to contact Elissa with questions, comments or for photo shoot pulls, please connect at